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1,850 GBP
Timed auction
Lot location
Accrington, Lancashire
Condition Report
This piece of Jewellery has an RRP displayed, the RRP is based on the showroom price, which has been displayed by the vendor, please note when buying Jewellery or Watches, RRP's are represented as a guide, Jewellery can be valued based on the end user’s location, establishment, and customer base. Please do your own research prior to bidding. Weights and Dimensions are a guide, stones have not been removed for weighing, a professional gauge has been used to assess carat weights. This is a piece of Jewellery and not scrap.
HIGH END JEWELLERY CLEARANCE | Diamonds | Diamond Ring | Bracelets | Earrings | Gemstones | Watches | Vintage Jewellery | 26.11.2023 Fees- 27.6%
Venue address
Junction 7 Business Park
Unit C13
Accrington, Lancashire
United Kingdom
HIGH END JEWELLERY CLEARANCE | Diamonds | Diamond Ring | Bracelets | Earrings | Gemstones | Watches | Vintage Jewellery | 26.11.2023 Fees- 27.6%

Lots Added Daily- International Delivery Available Starting From £5.50- Collection Available

Auction dates
Starts: Oct 23, 2023 12:00 PM BST
Ends from: Nov 26, 2023 04:00 PM GMT
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Typical Buyers fees are-
20% + VAT Buyer Premium 
3% + VAT Ibidder Auction Surcharge

Total- 23% + VAT 

VAT is Applied to the hammer if stated. Lots featuring NO VAT at the beginning will not include VAT on the hammer, VAT will be applied to the buyer premium only. 

Total typical Commission unless stated- 47.6%

Please note we require payment within 72 hours after the sale has ended, if payment is not completed in this time, all your winning lot's will be withdrawn after 72hrs and your order will be cancelled, this may affect your Ibidder account. If you are unable to complete the payment please free phone our office on 0800 689 1681, we will be more than happy to assist you.

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1. International Auctions shall have the right to refuse admission to its premises for attendance at its auction by any person.

2. The highest bidder acceptable to the Auctioneer shall be the Buyer, but if, during or immediately after the sale of the lot, the Auctioneer considers that a dispute has arisen or that there is any other reason for so doing, he may at his discretion immediately put up the lot for sale again. 

3. The Auctioneer has the right at his absolute discretion to refuse any bid and to advance the bidding as he may decide.

4. (a) The Seller shall be entitled to place a reserve on any lot, and the Auctioneer shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller for any lot on which a reserve has been placed.
(b) The Auctioneer has the right at his absolute discretion to withdraw or divide any lot or to combine any two or more lots. 

5. The Buyer may be required to pay forthwith the whole or any part of the purchase price, and if he/she fails to do so the lot or lots may be at the Auctioneer’s absolute discretion be put up again and resold.
(a) Neither the Seller nor the Auctioneer are responsible for the correctness of any statement as to the authorship, origin, date, age, attribution, genuineness or provenance of any lot, or any other errors of description.
(b) Neither the Seller nor the Auctioneer are responsible for any faults or defects in any lot. 

7. If a Buyer fails to either to pay, take away, or arrange collection or delivery, the Auctioneer shall be entitled at their absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other right or remedies to exercise one or more of the following rights:

(a) To issue proceedings against the Buyer to recover the full amount due, together with the costs of such proceedings.
(b) Without notice to the Buyer to resell the lot or cause it to be resold by public or private sale. Any deficiency in the purchase price attending such resale (after giving credit for any payment and after deducting full costs incurred in connection with the lot) to be made good by the defaulting Buyer, and any surplus to the Seller.
(c) To store the lot or cause it to be stored whether at their own premises or elsewhere at the sole expense of the Buyer, and to release the lot only after payment in full of the purchase price, the accrued cost of removal, storage and insurance (if any) and all other costs incurred in connection with the lot.
(d)A storage charge of £5 per lot per day will apply to lots not collected within TEN DAYS of the Sale.
(e) To reject at any future Auction any bids made by the Buyer or on his behalf
Condition 8 also applies to Post Auction Sales

8. The property in a lot shall not pass to the Buyer until he/she has paid the purchase price in full, but the lot shall be at the Buyer’s risk in all respects from the fall of the hammer. The Auctioneer shall be entitled to a lien on any lot sold until the purchase price is paid in full by the Buyer.

9. We will be pleased to execute bids on behalf of intending buyers. Lots will be purchased as cheaply as permitted by other bids and reserves. Bids must be submitted before the sale commences and should be entered on the forms provided. Neither the Auctioneer nor his employees shall be liable for any neglect or default in executing such bids. 

10. Purchasers of electrical or mechanical items are advised to have the items checked by a qualified electrician or mechanic before using them. The Auctioneer shall not be liable for injury caused by or arising from the use of such goods.

11. Purchasers Fees 20% + 3% Internet Surcharge Totalling to 23% Plus Vat, these fees may vary from sale to sale, please check each, this information will be set in the buyer’s charges section, Vat will be applied to the hammer price unless stated, total fees will total 47.6% including Vat.

12. Payment by Bank Transfer

International Auctions

Should you have an interest in entering an item/ contents in our next auction, please email with as much information as you can, a member of our team will contact you. We can assess on a no-obligation basis. We offer a Personal, Confidential, Professional and discreet service made to order. Our valuation fees are discussed and agreed in advance. Valuations for Probate, Insurance Purposes and Valuations for family Division.


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All Items Sold as seen - No Warranty on any items unless stated.
All Electrical Items are sold as parts and should be certified by a Qualified Electrician before use.
All Measurements in the Catalogue are approximate.
Auctioneer Fees are 20% + Vat plus 3% + internet Surcharge, on the hammer price, this may vary for each sale, this information can be found in the buyer’s charges section online. Vat will be applied to the hammer unless stated, total fees inclusive of Vat will be 47.6%, a Vat breakdown will be provided on your invoice.

Payment- Bank Transfer, Bank details will be provided at the bottom of your invoice. We can also provide you with a payment link on request, most credit and debit cards can be used via this method.

Please note, some items may be applicable to VAT, please check each lot which will highlight the buyer fees.

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